The research group Creative Industries & Social Innovation (Cissi) Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Fontys ACI) explores the creative industry and the process of (social) innovation. The motto of the research group is ‘connecting creativity’. The Research group revolves around knowledge sharing and the embedding of research in practice and together resulting in ‘connecting creativity’.

Within the research group is a learning and discovery centre. From different backgrounds and specialisations we learn from each other, we debate and we sharpen each other’s studies. Knowledge sharing is one of the most important principles inside and outside the research group. We work closely with companies, other research institutions and of course the amazing creative knowledge-rich staff and students of Fontys ACI. In short, the research group is a place where knowledge is developed, then implemented and passed on. A curious and open attitude is a prerequisite!


For the research group CI and SI is the creative development which is acknowledged by others as groundbreaking and innovative. It changes how people interact and behave in a certain context. Think specifically to the smartphone, Facebook, Whats App. But also the use of English words in colloquial, coffee shops such as Starbucks Coffee Company or where people come to work and the opportunity for bands to release an album independently. You’ll also be able to use more abstract concepts like Crowdfunding, Event Marketing and Digital Storytelling.


Creative industries, the Minister declared one of the nine top sectors nationwide. Within the top sector creative industry, there is a distinction in three sectors: arts, media & entertainment, creative and corporate services. General consensus is that the arts sector covers 10 percent of the creative industry in terms of economic size, media & entertainment 30 per cent and the creative and business services 60 percent. Under creative-business service is meant for example advertising, but also the entire event industry including corporate events like trade shows, conferences and congresses. Fontys ACI has the ambition to be a leading knowledge hub in subdivisions media & entertainment and creative-business services which together comprise 90 percent of the creative industries – the research group plays an important role.


Introduction Research Group by Arjo Klamer