Creative City Index What makes a great city? This is the question that the construction of world city or global city indexes has sought to answer.

The CCI Creative City Index (CCI-CCI) is a new approach to the measurement and ranking of creative global cities. It is constructed over eight principal dimensions, each with multiple distinct elements. Some of these dimensions are familiar from other global city indexes, such as the MORI or GaWC indexes, which account for the size of creative industries, the scale of cultural amenities, or the flows of creative people and global connectedness. In addition to these indicators, the CCI-CCI contributes several new dimensions. These measure the demand side of creative participation, the attention economy, user-created content, and the productivity of socially networked consumers.

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The creative industries and creative work in other industries have emerged as one of the Australia’s strongest performers, with employment growing by a steady 2.8 per cent a year from 2006 to 2011 – 40 per cent faster than in the economy as a whole – based on the latest Census data. The growth is attributed largely to the digital revolution, and the rising demand for digital and design services across the whole economy.

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NESTA Dynamic mapping of UK creative industries

Hasan Bakhshi, Alan Freeman and Peter Higgs, 2013

This paper argues that, despite its strengths, the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) classification of the creative industries contains inconsistencies which need to be addressed to make it fully fit for purpose. It presents an improved methodology which retains the strengths of the DCMS’s approach while addressing its deficiencies. We focus on creative intensity: the proportion of total employment within an industry that is engaged in creative occupations.